Kartra Vs Kajabi 2020 Edition | What’s The Best Choice For You?

Kartra Vs Kajabi is quite the battle of the titans.

I mean think about it for a second.

Kajabi has been out longer and had a nice little face-lift done to it (so to speak)…

And Kartra is much newer and is currently a really hot topic when it comes to software.

  • So who is the winner?
  • And which software should you go with?

I thought you’d never ask!

Spoiler Alert: The winner starts with a K 😛

Now, let’s continue on to the Kartra vs Kajabi battle and find out.

Kartra Vs Kajabi 2020

kartra vs kajabi

First and foremost…

Let’s look at some of the big Kartra features (and then compare from there).

  • Kartra Done For You Campaigns

While this is more of a bonus (rather than a feature)…

It certainly can not be ignored.

When you get started with Kartra (which you can do so by clicking here)…

Every plan comes with done for you campaigns done by the legendary Frank Kern.

What did I like most about this?

Is that it allows you to hit the ground running (so to speak)…

By being able to leverage these campaigns that are 90% done for you.

  • Just add in your product names.
  • Add in your image.
  • And the pricing…

And you are good to go.

Let’s look at another great factor of Kartra.

  • Kartra Pages

Yea I know I know.

Who gives a hoot about pages?

Well, first and foremost you get to utilize a drag and drop builder (to create these pages)…

And some Kartra plans even come with unlimited visitors to your pages.


You can use your own custom domain.

And yes.

You have the ability to do some nifty Kartra split testing as well.

Down below is a video if you would like some more details about that.

Let’s move onto another great feature.

  • Kartra Funnels And Campaigns

I’m not going to go into super crazy detail when it comes to this…

But I do want to let you know that you can, in fact, create sales funnels with Kartra.

And aside from that?

You also have the ability to set up some crazy insane automations.

Combine the Kartra automation with their Mail (autoresponder) system…

And you’ve got a recipe to do some pretty kickass things with Kartra.

  • Kartra Helpdesk

Now, this is something that is really unique (in my opinion).

Normally when it comes to setting up a helpdesk?

You have to use a standard Gmail account or purchase some type of software (like Freshdesk).

Not with Kartra though.

Their plans come with (a specific number of) helpdesks to easier assist your customers.

Right there within the platform.

No getting anything else…

And no having to spend more money on other monthly recurring offers.

Let’s look at a few more cool Kartra features.

  • Kartra Membership Sites

Membership sites are the best (and Kajabi does these well too)!

After all.

You want to be able to gate up your paid content so a bunch of turds don’t access it and share it.

Kartra memberships allow you to utilize their drag and drop editor…

Allowing you to seamlessly put together your brand new membership site pretty quickly.

And yes.

You can have multiple membership tiers (with different price points)…

Along with dripping content so that your customers don’t get overwhelmed.

Here is a video when it comes to getting a Kartra membership site up and running.

You know.

In case you are a visual person like me 😛


There are a TON more features when it comes to Kartra.

Features like:

  • Kartra videos.
  • Kartra analytics.
  • Kartra commerce.
  • Affiliate management system.

And of course, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that you can do with the software itself…

Like product launches, advanced funnels, eCommerce, upsells, downsells, etc.

So if Kartra sounds interesting to you…

Then you are probably better off just giving them the old college try.

And if you would like to see what the Kartra pricing is like (I did a complete post about it):



That was a lot of goodies (and I didn’t even scratch the surface)!

So let’s move on and what the Kartra competition has to offer…

Shall we?

Kartra Vs Kajabi Part 2

I think it’s best to compare Kartra Vs Kajabi by the features that they have.

So since I’ve gone over Kartra…

Now let’s dive into what Kajabi has currently going on.

  • Kajabi Website

Kajabi is pretty big on when it comes to anything website related.

In fact.

They definitely have the leg up on Kartra when it comes to websites.

With that being said.

Their sites are very customizable.

  • There the theme which you can change around.
  • You can have it tailored to your brand or message.
  • There’s the ability to use your very own custom domain (so no MyKajabi showing).
  • You also get detailed reports (in case you like tracking your sales as most do).

Pretty cool right?

If you’d like to see the Kajabi website in action…

Down below is a killer video going through how to build a website on Kajabi.

Aren’t YouTube videos the best?

That video just saved me from typing two thousand more words 😛

Onto the next Kajabi feature.

  • Kajabi Products

Because if you have a steady flow of traffic to your website…

Then you better have a product ready to offer.

Now there are actually many mini-features when it comes to the product section.

  • Themes for your products.
  • Fully mobile responsive (as it should be).
  • It comes with video hosting (which is awesome).
  • You can drip content (which is pretty much standard nowadays).

And a bunch more.

Now when it comes to this product section?

I would say that it’s overall pretty even with Kartra…

As they both feature a lot of the same bells and whistles (so to speak).

If you’d like more information on that topic specifically…

Then down below is a great video when it comes to products, offers, and sales pages.

Three cheers for YouTube videos:

Hip Hip Hurray 😛

Now keep in mind that Kajabi also has a ton more cool features.

Things like:

  • Member dashboards for each customer.
  • Tagging and segmenting your members.
  • Create and string together landing pages, emails, etc.
  • And of course the landing page builder along with many templates.
  • Events, which the ability to run live or automated webinars (that bring in the bacon).

And tons more.

Kartra Vs Kajabi Conclusion

Who wins when it comes to the overall battle of Kartra vs Kajabi? Kajabi is stellar when it comes to pipelines and hosting your online courses, but Kartra is superior over Kajabi thanks to its amazing sales funnel building platform.

Plus, you can’t forget the powerful features that come along with Kartra.

So the overall winner would have to be Kartra.

If you would like a video overview of the Kartra vs Kajabi comparison…

You can watch it in the video down below.

Also (in my opinion).

I feel like Kartra has a heavier emphasis on overall sales funnels…

While Kajabi has a heavier emphasis on websites and products.

Not taking anything away from Kajabi (as they are a beautiful software)…

But from an affiliate marketing perspective?

I’d pick Kartra.

Curious to see if you’d like them?

Or you can click the banner down below to achieve the same result.

Kartra Vs Kajabi

And of course, if you want to test out Kajabi.

And that should just about do it!

I want to say thank you for seeking some Kartra vs Kajabi information.


There are a TON more features when it comes to each software.

But regardless of which software you end up running with?

I truly hope that it helps you out tremendously.


I almost forgot.

Kartra actually has a less expensive starter plan (in case you’re newer online).


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