Kartra Vs Builderall | The Winner Might Shock You

I can already tell that this Kartra vs Builderall battle is going to be a wild one.

After all.

Builderall has been around for a little bit longer building up their presence…

And then of course there is Kartra.

Kartra is much more newer in town (so to speak) and they’ve generated a ton of buzz.

  • So which software is the champion when it comes to Kartra vs Builderall?
  • Or more importantly which is the better software based upon what you need?

Be sure to keep reading on…

Because I’m going to over the similarities and differences now.

Kartra Vs Builderall

Let’s start off the Kartra vs Builderall battle with Kartra first.

One of the biggest factors when it comes to any software is price.

Plain and simple.

So here is a quick glance at three of the most popular Kartra pricing plans (there’s 6 total).

  • Kartra Starter Plan which is $89 a month.
  • Kartra Silver Plan which is $149 a month (best deal).
  • And of course there is the Karta Gold Plan which is $299 a month.

Like I stated above there are three more Kartra plans.

I’ll put a link down below in case you want to see the complete Kartra pricing plans.

FULL PRICING: Visit this link to see a post with all of the pricing plans.

Now let’s compare that to the Builderall pricing…

Which happens to come with only three total plans.

  • Builderall Web Presence Plan which is only $9.90 per month.
  • Builderall Digital Marketing which is only $29.90 per month.
  • Builderall Business Plan which is $49.90 per month (absolute best deal).

So as you can see…

Builderall’s best plan (the Business Plan) is $40 less than Kartra’s smallest plan.

So right off the bat if you are looking for the least expensive option?

Then Builderall is going to be your best bet.


Software should never be 100% based on price (but it’s something to consider).

In fact many things in life shouldn’t be.

If you don’t believe try a McDonalds hamburger versus a nice slab of Kobe beef.

Many times in life you get what you pay for.

Anywho 😛

I am going to be comparing the Builderall Business Plan to the Kartra Starter Plan now…

Because those two are the closest in price.

Kartra Trial / Builderall Trial

The great thing about software is that they usually come with some type of trial…

And that is certainly the case with both Kartra and Builderall.

After all.

It’s a great idea to be able to test drive your funnel builder before taking the plunge.

So when it comes to Kartra?

They come with a 2 week trial which only costs you one simple little dollar.

On the other hand is Builderall…

And they come with a 2 week trial which is 100% free.

Not too shabby right?

So even if you’re having a tough time deciding which one is best for you…

You can always get a trial for each.

Or you can just keep reading on too (as I have some bonuses for you)!

So now that we’ve covered the pricing and trial aspects…

Let’s move onto the feature comparisons of this post.

Kartra Vs Builderall Part 2


This will be comparing the Builderall Business Plan to the Kartra Starter Plan…

Which prices are $49.90 a month (Builderall) and $89 a month (Kartra).

Let’s look at the unique perks of the Kartra Starter Plan first:

  • You get up to 2,500 leads.
  • You get 2 membership sites.
  • Just one simple custom domain.
  • Twenty dynamic follow up sequences.
  • The bandwidth limit is 50GB per month.
  • You get to send 15,000 emails per month.
  • You can create 20 full blown products to sell.
  • Pages created is one hundred (which is pretty nice).
  • Two helpdesk portals (which is a very unique feature).
  • And the amount of month page visits is unlimited (which is awesome)!

And keep in mind that doesn’t include everything else with Kartra…

Those are just the specific perks and limits when it comes to the Starter Plan.


Let’s compare those perks to what the Builderall Business Plan has to offer.

  • You get up to as many leads as you want.
  • Create as many membership sites as you want.
  • Builderall allows you to connect up to fifteen domains.
  • There is no bandwidth limit whatsoever as it is unlimited.
  • You get unlimited professional email marketing.
  • Technically you can create as many products as your little heart desires.
  • The amount of pages that you can create is unlimited (instead of only 100).
  • Builderall doesn’t have the ability to create your own helpdesk portals (yet, perhaps).
  • And once again Builderall also comes along with the ability to get unlimited visitors.

It almost seems like Kartra is fighting an uphill battle when you compare them this way…

As the only thing that Kartra has the leg up on against Builderall are the helpdesk portals.

Everything else with Builderall pretty much features unlimited amounts (except for domains).

But that doesn’t mean that Kartra immediately loses the Kartra vs Builderall fight.

Here’s a few more great Kartra features that come along with the software.

Kartra Features

First and foremost.

  • Kartra Done For You Campaigns

These were created by the legendary marketer himself: Frank Kern.

What’s cool about these is that they are truly done for you…

Or at least as close as possible to done for you.

  • Add in your own product name.
  • Don’t forget about the product images too.
  • And don’t forget about the product pricing as well.

Then you are pretty much ready to roll.

These done for you campaigns allow you to get up and running very quickly.

Which is a huge benefit.

Here is what else Kartra has going for it.

  • Kartra Affiliate Management System

This is something that Kartra has the leg up on (for now).

With this you can pretty much sell your own products and get affiliates to do the same.

Here’s some of the mini features when it comes to this specific affiliate management system:

  • You can tinker with the commissions (and how you set them).
  • Control both how and when affiliates get paid out.
  • Leverage their real time analytics for stats.
  • Custom landing pages for affiliates.
  • And many more features.

Not too shabby right?

Onward and upward with this Kartra vs Builderall battle…

So let’s flip the script and look at some unique Builderall features.

Builderall Features

I’m sure you know that you can build tons of sales funnels with Builderall.

It’s awesome and all…

But I want to go with unique.

Here is what is so special about Builderall.

  • Builderall Script Generator

If you’ve ever had trouble when it comes to writing copy…

This will pretty much do most of the heavy lifting for you.

It’s actually pretty amazing.

You can go in and create new avatars by answering questions…

And that allows you to create scripts based upon your personal avatar.

Pretty cool right?

Rather than explain more of it…

You can simply watch a Builderall script generator demo down below.

I didn’t realize this post would be so in depth.

So seeing that Builderall has a ton more of unique and stand-out features…

Let’s take a look at one more final feature (I’ve saved the best for last).

  • Builderall Leveraged Affiliate System


This is quite different when you compare it to Kartra.

Kartra is all about getting affiliates to help sell your program.

But with Builderall?

This leveraged affiliate system allows you to promote Builderall…

Which means you can build your very own affiliate marketing business with Builderall.

I personally LOVE this feature.

But hey this site is about affiliate marketing so it’s expected 😛

(keep in mind this comes only with the Builderall Business Plan)

Here are some great features of their affiliate program.

  • Builderall Car Program

Yup they totally got this idea from ClickFunnels

But I’m sure not complaining!

Once you get 100 customers you get $500 towards a new car…

And one you get 200 customers you get $1,000 towards a new car.

Talk about a nice little perk.

  • Builderall 2 Tier Commissions

So here is how this works.

Let’s say you bring in someone new named David.

You get 100% commissions on the first sale and then 30% on every recurring sale after.

And if David brings in a new customer…

You get 30% commissions for every recurring commission after the first month.

It doesn’t get any more win-win than that.

So the more you help others you bring in to make sales?

The more they make and the more you make.

Pretty awesome right?

So now that we’ve seen that Kartra and Builderall can both certainly fight back…

Let’s wrap up the Kartra vs Builderall battle and declare a winner.

And The Winner Of Kartra Vs Builderall Is…

It’s not always easy picking a winner…

Especially when you like what both of the software has to offer.

But since there has to be a champion?

It would have to be Kartra.

But who cares what I think right?

What’s most important is what software works best for you.

So here is where Kartra just might be best for you:

  • Do you not mind paying a little more (or much more) monthly for software?
  • Does the idea of getting done for you campaigns sound like music to your ears?
  • Would you prefer using software that specific and advanced marketing features?

Then Kartra just might be a good fit for you.

Kartra Vs Builderall

Now on the flip side when it comes to Builderall.

  • Do you prefer a much lower monthly fee for every single feature?
  • Are you an affiliate marketer (or would you like to make recurring commissions)?
  • Do you like the idea of getting no limits on many features (or even be unlimited)?
  • Would you rather get many more overall features (even if you might not use them)?

If you answered YES to at least one of the questions above…

Then the chances are high that Builderall will be the best fit for you.

(I highly recommend that you go with the Builderall Business plan)

Or you can click the picture down below to get taken to the official Builderall home page.

Kartra Vs Builderall

Alright and that should just about do it.


I understand that both of these software’s are overall great to have…

And sometimes it feels like it’s a tough decision to pick between them.

Allow me to make the process much easier for you.

So regardless of which software you go with?

You’ll be getting many bonuses to go along with it.

Kartra Bonuses

I actually have so many bonuses for Kartra?

That you’ll need to check them out on another page.

Then on the other side.

Builderall Bonuses

Get started with the Builderall Business plan ($49.90 a month) and get these bonuses:

  • Full Course on affiliate marketing in any niche using Builderall tools
  • Full Course on promoting Builderall to build up recurring income.
  • Weekly live streams with one of the top Builderall earners.
  • Done for you funnels, emails, and prospecting scripts.
  • All the tools Builderall provides.

So if you want to get started with the Builderall Business Plan…

  1. Click here to get started with the Builderall Business Plan.
  2. Send an email to james [@] assistingaffiliates [.] com with the email you signed up with.

And then I will send over your Builderall bonuses.

(just make sure you get the Builderall Business Plan)

So now regardless of what decision you make?

You get some pretty cool bonuses to go along with it.


That was quite the back and forth battle when it comes to Kartra vs Builderall.

I want to say thank you for expressing interest in Kartra vs Builderall…

Or simply wanting to find out “Which is better Kartra or Builderall?”

Thank you for reading this in-depth post…

And I sincerely hope that you enjoy your software (regardless of which one you use).

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