Is ClickFunnels Good For Affiliate Marketing?

So is ClickFunnels good for affiliate marketing?

Well you certainly came to the right website to get the answer (Assisting Affiliates)…

And answering your question?

YES ClickFunnels plus affiliate marketing is something you should utilize.

It’s like peanut butter and brown rice (trust me it’s excellent) 😛

Let’s look at a couple of reasons why.

So Is ClickFunnels Good For Affiliate Marketing?

Here is one of the most popular usages when it concerns CF + AM.

(ClickFunnels + affiliate marketing)

1) ClickFunnels Lead Generation

  • The business doesn’t matter.
  • And the niche doesn’t matter either.

So even when it comes to affiliate marketing?

You need leads…

And this is something that ClickFunnels does flawlessly.

I’m sure you’ve seen a squeeze page before…

But what makes them so unique?

Well a few factors:

  • All pages are mobile optimized (to maximize your conversions).
  • Their drag and drop editor makes developing your optin funnels a breeze.
  • And all of their custom pages allows you to be up and running very quickly.

Care to see the ClickFunnels optin funnels in action?

Here is a terrific video from ClickFunnels talking about how to develop an optin funnel.

Alright next up.

1) ClickFunnels Affiliate Bridge Pages

So what is a ClickFunnels affiliate bridge page anyhow?

Well much like the name states…

It bridges the space in between the offer and your visitors.

Here’s my professional WordPress diagram:

  • Visitors– > Bridge Page– > Affiliate Offer

This is basically the very same as an affiliate presell page…

And can even be a blog site post (similar to this one).


ClickFunnels is ideal for churning out affiliate bridge pages…

And the cool thing is that ClickFunnels nearly never ever goes down.

They can handle a TON of incoming traffic…

So if you end utilizing the ClickFunnels Etison Suite plan

Then you get unrestricted visitors and you can “fire at will” when it comes to the traffic.

1) ClickFunnels Bonus Pages

Still pondering the question is ClickFunnels good for affiliate marketing?

Well here is another excellent function when it comes to your affiliate marketing efforts…

  • ClickFunnels Membership Funnels.


You might always require an entire funnel to pull this off…

But the gated membership area is ideal for storing your affiliate bonus offers.

So what does that mean for you?

  • Your bonuses are more valuable.
  • And only people with the login can access them.

I do this myself, too.

Here is a take a look at the members area for my ClickFunnels rewards.

Is ClickFunnels Good For Affiliate Marketing

Pretty cool right?

If you’d like to see a bit more of a ClickFunnels membership funnel in action…

I’ll put a video down below done by the ClickFunnels team.


So let’s take a look at another reason ClickFunnels is amazing for affiliate marketing.

1) ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Utilizing ClickFunnels is fantastic for affiliates…

But it’s also awesome to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

It shouldn’t come to a shock about why their affiliate program is so good…

I’d have to say it’s most because of the extra training of:

Those factors…

And they provide a generous 40% in commissions (which are recurring).

I answered the question of just how profitable it can be promoting ClickFunnels.

  • Here is my answer in a thorough post.

Let’s finish up this post now.

Is ClickFunnels Good For Affiliate Marketers?

Does Victoria have a secret?

The answer is YES!

  • I utilize ClickFunnels.
  • And practically recommend it to anyone who has interest in it.

In truth.

If you’re interested in ClickFunnels then I’ll make sure to get you bonuses with it.

(the ones in the image above)…

And a lot more which you can’t see in the photo.

After you do that?

Send me an email to james [@] assistingaffiliates [.] com with the e-mail you sign up with…

(Just eliminate the brackets and spaces from the email above)

And after that I’ll send out over your bonuses.

So thanks once again in expressing interest in the question:.

Is ClickFunnels good for affiliate marketers?

I hope this post helped you out…

And I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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