How Do I Add A New Step In ClickFunnels?

“How do I add a new step in ClickFunnels?”

This is exactly what I’ll be covering in this post…

And have no fear.

Because it’s such an easy thing to do.

Let’s begin.

So How Do I Add A New Step In ClickFunnels?

First you need to login to ClickFunnels (obviously).


You need to get to your list o funnels.

  1. Hover over the ClickFunnels tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Funnels drop down.

Now that you see the list of your funnels…

Simply click the funnel that you’d like to include a new step to.

For this example?

I’m going to be utilizing my Done For You Affiliate Funnel (as shown listed below).

And next?

Let’s use the picture as an example.

How Do I Add A New Step In ClickFunnels

Simply click on the + ADD NEW STEP button.

Do you see it in the picture above?

It’s on the bottom left of the image I posted.

After you click the + ADD NEW STEP button…

You will see a popup that looks something like the image below.

So here’s some more help with that.

Add the name that you’d like to give it.

Show In Funnel refers to showing on the left side of the screen with all of your other steps…

Or do you prefer it to be hidden in the drop-down box below them.


If it’s a fundamental part of the funnel like:

  • Optin form.
  • Sales letter.
  • Thank you page.
  • Checkout pages.
  • Upsell downsell pages.
  • And so on etc.

Then definitely show it in the funnels.

However if it’s something else (that’s not as important) like:

  • Contact page.
  • Privacy policy.
  • Customer support part.
  • Secret coupon page.

Then you will most likely not wish to display in funnel.

Note: It’s not a permanent decision (you can always change it).

And lastly is the Path section.

This is just going to be the tail end of your URL.

For example.


So yeah.

Make that whatever you like (you can change it anytime).

But in case you’re curious to get more details about the funnel action path URL…

Here is an excellent quick video that the ClickFunnels team did that you can watch.


Make sure you click on the Create Funnel Step button.

And then you have completed the ClickFunnels add funnel step tutorial 😛

Here’s a few more answers to questions about ClickFunnels funnel steps.

ClickFunnels Delete Step In Funnel

Sometimes you want to delete a step in your funnel.

It happens.

So here are the 2 steps for deleting a funnel step.

  • Click on the funnel action that you’d love to delete (on left side of screen).
  • And then simply click on the Delete Funnel Step button on the bottom right.

Checkout the picture (and numbers) for help.

And lastly.

How Many Steps Can You Have In A Funnel ClickFunnels?

This one I don’t have the specific number for…

But I know that it’s a large amount.

I’ve seen funnels where the steps appeared like they scrolled down until the end of time.

So in my viewpoint?

Simply keep constructing your funnel and see where it takes you…

As you probably don’t need 1,000 step anyway.

But then again?

I’ve been wrong before 😛

How Do I Add A New Step In ClickFunnels?

So you wanted to know the answer to that question.

  • Did you get the answer?
  • Was it a simple resolution?
  • Are you going to kick yourself for how easy it was?

Excellent 😛


My task here is done.

Feel free to leave some love down below.

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