Do I Need A Website For ClickFunnels?

Do I need a website for ClickFunnels?

This question gets asked a TON…

And I would be more than delighted to address this for you.

So the answer is no…

You do not need a website for ClickFunnels.

But be sure to continue reading for the reasons why you do not need one.

Do I Need A Website For ClickFunnels?

So here’s a couple reasons that you don’t need a website for ClickFunnels.


Haha yes funnels.

ClickFunnels is everything funnels related.

In fact.

Russell has actually even gone on to discuss “The Death Of The Site” principle…

And I could not concur with it anymore.

In a nutshell it implies that websites aren’t as effective when it comes to making sales…

And that you ought to rather utilize a funnel.

That’s the strategy that I use.

Yes I do have a site here…

However it’s for 2 main points:

  1. Offer what you’re trying to find.
  2. Link to affiliate offers.


I’m an affiliate online marketer.

Toss me a freakin’ bone here 😛

So when it comes to all of your selling?

That’s where ClickFunnels would do the heavy lifting (not your site).

Here is another reason.

Numerous Kinds Of Sales Funnels

Alright maybe it’s type of relatable…

But I wished to emphasis more on this (due to the fact that you can do a lot).

Here’s simply some of the kinds of funnels that you can use with ClickFunnels:

  • Optin funnels.
  • Subscription funnels.
  • Item launch funnels.
  • Webinar funnels (fantastic for high ticket offers).
  • Sales funnels (for offering any type of item, offer, or service).
  • Any other kind of funnel that your little heart desires to develop.

And because ClickFunnels can deal with the load of traffic…

You do not need to go out and get any kind of hosting.

And when it pertains to “Do you need a website to use ClickFunnels”?

Here’s the last factor.

Everything Can Be Done In ClickFunnels

Everything except blogging, perhaps.


It’s not that you can’t blog with ClickFunnels (you can)…

However you’re not going to rank as well compared to utilizing WordPress.

Aside from that?

You ask for it and you just about get it.

  • All of the funnels I discussed above.
  • You can add order bumps to your checkout pages.
  • You can do one click upsell and one click downsells.
  • Customers can quickly access their items after they buy them.
  • Capability to sell any kind of offer and accept multiple payment gateways.
  • You have the capability to incorporate with a lot of different autoresponders too.

And when it pertains to affiliate marketing?

You can do quite a few things there too:

Now let’s end this post.

So Do I Need A Website For ClickFunnels?

I hope I addressed that question well enough for you…

As a website is absolutely not needed to make ClickFunnels work.

(although you can have one on the side if you like)

If that was stopping you from getting ClickFunnels…

You’ll get to run through ClickFunnels for a full 2 weeks…

And make sure that it’s going to be ideal for you.


That ‘oughta do it.

Thanks for revealing interest in “Do I need a website to use ClickFunnels”…

And feel free to leave a question or comment down below.

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