ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Review

If you’d like to see a complete ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review?

Then this is the perfect post for you!

Here is what I’m going to be addressing:

  • My ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review (duh).
  • What comes along with the ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks System.
  • And last but not least if the Funnel Hacks bundle is worth getting.

So let’s get this show on the road.

Shall we?

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks System

So 2 things I want to cover before I get started.

In case you already made up your mind and want to pick up Funnel Hacks…

(so you don’t have to wait 90+ minutes through the webinar)

And next and most importantly.

I do actually have the Funnel Hacks System.

Here is a image listed below inside the members area:

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Review

There’s a ton more information than what you see in the image above.

And speaking of content?

Let’s do an overview of what you’ll be getting your paws on…

And officially start this ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review.

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Review

So as you can see in the photo above…

The intro is Russell Brunson welcoming you to the members section.

Once you get that video out of the way (it’s just 3 minutes long)…

The next one leads you to a nifty little bonus.

  • Your Free ClickFunnels Shirt

This section includes a video and then questionnaire.

Don’t worry.

It doesn’t take long to fill out.

  • Simply complete your name and email…
  • Then give them your shirt size and where they need to send it to.

I got mine ๐Ÿ™‚

Just don’t currently have a picture of it (doh)!

Alright so now we finally transfer to the essential stuff.

The Funnel Hacks Masterclass

So here is the official start of the ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review.

Now there are ten section in this whole masterclass (and there’s a LOT of value)…

So I’m going to just put in a few of the very best elements of each section to conserve time.

How To Build In ClickFunnels

This is an excellent beginning video for anyone who is getting started ClickFunnels.

If you could not guess by the title?

Yup it’s all about how to build and develop funnels in ClickFunnels ๐Ÿ˜›

This video is 1 hour, 1 minute, and 22 seconds long…

So if you’re not a rookie when it pertains to ClickFunnels?

Then you can choose to skip over this area (if you like).

Onto the next one.

Hacking My Funnels

And that’s referring to Russell Brunson’s funnels.

Here is where you get to check out a few of his most successful funnels…

And Russell has had some remarkable ones!

There are 4 funnels that Russell reviews that include:

  • Webinar funnel.
  • Coaching funnel.
  • Supplement funnel.
  • Info product funnel.

This videos vary anywhere from seven minutes to twenty-four minutes long.

They are straight and to the point…

Which’s what I like most about this section.

SIDE NOTE: Looking for the Funnel Hacks ClickFunnels checkout?

Alrighty then.

Moving onto the next area of the ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks System.

Fast Product Development

Now this is an amazing section of information (regardless of how un-cool it sounds).

There’s two different trainings in this area (both are done by Russell).

Here’s a few of the key points Russell covers in the first training:

  • What is the market that you would like to enter?
  • How are their funnels set up?
  • What’s the products?

Funnel hacking, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • What is YOUR system?
  • How are you going to bundle up your system?
  • And are you going to have any bonuses along with it?

And after that there is the second part of this training…

Which you can basically think about an unannounced bonus.

It’s the recordings of a five thousand dollar workshop Russell once did…

And it reveals (again) how to develop your own information marketing business.

This section definitely delivers the goods.

Onto the next.

Optin Funnels

This is where all of the magic happens (once someone opts-in to your funnel).

It’s insane.

The primary training video in this section is 1 hour and 49 minutes long…

And there’s still MORE training in this section of the system.

Alongside that is 8 action videos that walk you through getting your optin funnel up and running.

  • Do.
  • Done.
  • Next up.

Sales Funnels

Everyone’s preferred section…

Since this is where the rubber satisfies the roadway (LOL I love that phrase).

This section has only one video (which is 1 hour and 19 minutes long)…

And Russell strolls you through the procedure of getting your sales funnel up and running.

Here’s some of the key aspects:

  • The different type of sales funnels.
  • Average cart value (which is a pretty big deal).
  • Offer sequencing.
  • Payment options.
  • Sales scripts.

And a lot more.

You really can’t fail when Russell is doing the training…

He knows his way around the Internet (so to speak).

Webinar Funnels

Talk about the king of webinar funnels…

Like the one that he uses to constantlyย promote the Funnel Hacks system.

funnel hacks webinar

If you have not seen it (which I’m guessing you have since you’re here)…

You can always click on the photo above to register for it.


Russell strolls you through each and every step of the webinar funnel.

It really is Funnel Hacking at its finest.

Automated Webinars

So once you get your webinar converting like wild fire?

The next sensible step would be to automate the hell out of that thing ๐Ÿ˜›

Here are some of the key parts that Russell covers in this 1 hour and 4 minute training:

  • The design of the auto webinar.
  • The power sequencing and automation.
  • The very first action of the best webinar.
  • The second important action of the perfect webinar.
  • Structure out the funnel.
  • And you can’t forget about the follow up series.

Just 3 more areas left in this ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks System…

And after that I have to speak about the bonus offers ๐Ÿ˜›

Membership Websites

I’ve had rather a couple of membership websites in my online business lifetime…

And I must say that being able to make passive income through them is always a blessing.

This training video is 1 hour and 1 minute long…

And focuses primarily on:

  • Continuity.
  • Micro-continuity.
  • And how to develop a membership site in ClickFunnels.

Onto the next section.

Launch Funnels

I used to do a ton of these (over 25 of them actually)…

So while this info might be extremely valuable to many people?

I simply didn’t check it out due to the fact that I want nothing to do with product launching.

Perhaps you’re in a different spot.

And if you are then I’m sure this video will be valuable for you.

Now onto the last area of the Funnel Hacks Masterclass.

Traffic Hacks (Bonus Offer Training)

Need traffic?

Then this bonus training is definitely for you!

The three traffic areas that Russell concentrates on in this training include:

  • Solo advertisement hacks.
  • Facebook hacks.
  • And media buying hacks.

A great little bonus training video that goes on for practically an hour and a half.

Like I stated before.

Russell absolutely knows his stuff.

Which wraps up the primary Funnel Hacks system (and there’s still a heap more).

So if you already like what you see and you wish to get going now?

So we’re practically half way through with this ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review…

And we can now move onto the bonuses.

Remember these are the bonuses that Russell gives you…

You’ll be getting a bunch more from me as well at the end of the post (so keep reading).

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Bonuses

Face it.

It would not be a total ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review without the bonuses ๐Ÿ™‚

So here are the 3 main bonuses that coincide with the Funnel Hacks system.

  • Inception Secrets.
  • Attractive Character Secrets.
  • Instantaneous Traffic Secrets.


ALL of these are really valuable, but my favorite needs to be…

(drum roll please)

Inception Tricks

As it comes with numerous scripts (and training to go along with them).

A few of the scripts and trainings include:

  • Upsell script.
  • Magic bullet script.
  • Product launch script.
  • Star story solution script.
  • Who, what, why, how script.
  • Perfect webinar script (which is the bees knees).

And a couple of more scripts.

The very first time I used the perfect webinar script…

I made well over $10,000 (on my first shot)!

So it’s safe to state that the perfect webinar scripts is about as good as it gets.

Let’s quickly look at the other 2 bonus offers.

Attractive Character Secrets

There are 2 extremely short trainings in this area…


They pack a lot of great value when it comes to email marketing:

  • The Seinfeld Sequence.
  • The Soap Opera Series.

(I believe Russell got these from Andre Chaperon and Ben Settle)

So in a nutshell?

It’s all about writing high converting and special autoresponder messages.

In reality.

You can keep writing these for as long of a duration as you like…

And simply keep filling them up in your autoresponder.

Onto the last bonus offer section.

Instant Traffic Hacks

Once again this section deals with getting traffic (lots of it)…

And it’s a quite darn big section (if I say so myself).

Instead of documenting the sections…

Here is a picture of the sections that come along with this bonus:

And remember that there’s plenty of sections and videos within each tab.


There’s so much value in this system that discussing it is even a challenge.

So let’s finish up this ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Review.

Shall we?

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Review Verdict

So is the Funnel Hacks System from ClickFunnels worth it?


The info is perfect for both:

  • Getting up and running (and more advanced) with ClickFunnels…
  • And being able to build and grow your online business (thanks to Russell’s training).

Sounds like something for you?

Even if you didn’t get anything from the members sections I showed you above…

It would still be worth it.

Here’s why.

You see there’s another thing that you get with the complete Funnel Hacks system…

And it’s displayed in the upper part of the image down below.

You get 6 months of the ClickFunnels Etison Suite account.

So keep this in mind.

ClickFunnels Etison Suite usually costs $297 month-to-month and you get 6 months of that…

Which implies you do NOT need to pay $1,782!

You are literally getting that for free in addition to the Funnel Hacks system.

No brainer decision right?

And you’ll be getting even more when it comes to the Funnel Hacks System.

My ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks Bonuses

So here is what I will personally be contributing to this Funnel Hacks system:

  • 71% Optin Case Study
  • The Email Marketing Mastery Course
  • The Simple Setup Business Model Course
  • The Rapid Recurring Revenue Stream System
  • How To Create Offers Even Without Expertise Course
  • How To Create The Highest Converting Offers Course
  • Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Fast Sales Funnel
  • How To Create A Full Product In Under Sixty Minutes Course

And there’s a few more mystery bonuses where those came from ๐Ÿ™‚

So here how you can get started today.

Or you can click the picture down below to get required to the exact same page.

buy funnel hacks system

After you do that?

Send an email to james [@] assistingaffiliates [.] com with the e-mail you sign up with.

I’ll then confirm your Funnel Hacks investment and then send you your bonuses.

And that’s all folks.

Thank you for expressing interest in a ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks review…

And also for reading all of this in depth post.

I hope that you really enjoy the complete Funnel Hacks System from ClickFunnels…

And I am looking forward to sending you your bonuses.

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