ClickFunnels Background Tutorials

Welcome to the complete ClickFunnels background post.

Here is everything I will be covering:

  • ClickFunnels background videos.
  • How to upload a background image In ClickFunnels.
  • How to change the background for ClickFunnels optin pages.
  • And pretty much anything and everything related to the background.

Be sure you read all the way until the end too…

As I will show you a cool way to save money on ClickFunnels.

(and yes, it works for both new and current users).

Let’s begin.

ClickFunnels Background Video

The great thing about blog posts is that you can host videos…

So for this specific section of the post (along with a few others)?

I’m going to use the ClickFunnels tutorial to help you out.

Here’s the¬†adding a video in background ClickFunnels.

Don’t worry…

It’s under 3 minutes so it won’t take very long to go through.

Next up.

ClickFunnels Upload Image

This is important when it comes to getting your file on ClickFunnels…

And it’s also very easy to do too.

I did a post about this that walks you through the process…

So you can click on the link or picture to get taken to the post.

RELATED: How to upload images in ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Background

Next up.

Add Background Image To ClickFunnels Landing Pages

Whether you want to add or change the image…

Glen does an awesome job at explaining quickly how to do that.

Simply click the play button down below for the step by step tutorial.

Easy stuff right?

Now this is going to be a post that I update and add more to.

So if you have any questions related to the background in ClickFunnels…

Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Now onto the best part of the post.

How ClickFunnels Users Save Money

Seeing you’re looking for some more information about background settings…

I am going to assume that you are either using or trialing ClickFunnels.

Regardless of that…

I’d like to show you a cool way to save a bunch of money on ClickFunnels.

(up to $1,567 to be precise)

All it requires is a simple upgrade…

And works for both new and current ClickFunnels users.


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