Clickbank Vs ClickFunnels

Clickbank vs ClickFunnels is definitely the intriguing comparison.

On hand you have: Clickbank.

  • Host of a few of the finest affiliate programs online.

And after that on the other hand you have: ClickFunnels.

  • The sales funnel software utilized to build and grow online businesses.

So who is the boss of the apple sauce?

Or should you even consider using both of them?

Let’s answer those questions today.

Clickbank Vs ClickFunnels

Clickbank Vs ClickFunnels

So you’re basically on the best website for this comparison…

Because I tend to take a look at things from an affiliate marketing angle.

In other words:

  • Clickbank is all about affiliate marketing.
  • ClickFunnels is likewise a tool that works perfectly with affiliate marketing.

With that being stated.

Let’s start off with Clickbank first.

(which is definitely a good perk)

I also consider it an absolute buffet of affiliate offers to promote.


You can find affiliate offers to promote in any specific niche that you like.

Here’s an example of just a few very broad categories:

  • Travel.
  • Sports.
  • Self aid.
  • Education.
  • Health and physical fitness.
  • Arts and entertainment.
  • Service and investing.
  • Computers and internet.
  • Cooking, food, and wine.
  • eBusiness and eMarketing.

And practically more deals than you can shake a digital stick at.

So if you wished to compare Clickbank vs ClickFunnels when it comes to affiliate offers?


Clickbank would win…

However that’s not exactly a reasonable fight seeing that ClickFunnels is mainly about funnels.

That’s like comparing pizza and oranges 😛

There’s in fact more to Clickbank too…

Since there is the alternative to sell your very own products on Clickbank too.

In a sense?

You can practically compare Clickbank to:

After all.

Having an army of affiliates to promote your offer is always a great thing.

And if your offer is straight fire (I can’t believe I just said that)?

Affiliates WILL find your offer (especially on Clickbank).

Now let’s change things up a little.

Clickbank Vs ClickFunnels Part 2

ClickFunnels Vs Clickbank

Unlike Clickbank…

ClickFunnels isn’t 100% free to utilize (but it does feature a complimentary 2 week trial).

And to offer you a far better concept of what ClickFunnels does…

It gives you whatever you require to market, sell, and provide your product or services online.

And in my sincere viewpoint?

It does it better than any other solution out there.

ClickFunnels can help you build:

  • Sales funnels.
  • Optin funnels.
  • Pre-sell funnels.
  • Webinar funnels.
  • High ticket funnels.
  • Subscription funnels.
  • Affiliate marketing funnels.

And basically any other kind of funnel that you can think of.


You can’t exactly do that with Clickbank…

And it’s not a bad thing that they don’t (due to the fact that they are amazing for what they do).

So now you can see why this is such an intriguing comparison right?

As they aren’t exactly the exact same thing.

However here’s my thoughts on the subject.

ClickFunnels Or Clickbank?

This is what a lot of individuals normally resort to online.

Should I utilize THIS or THAT?

Let me inform you.

It doesn’t always have to be this way…

Since you can constantly get the very best of both worlds.

So if you wish to:

  • Try to find affiliate provides to promote.
  • Or if you want a website that will host your own product.

Then you should use Clickbank.

And if you wish to:

  • Construct and create various quantities of online funnels.
  • Or if you want a software for developing all of your marketing funnels.

Then you ought to use ClickFunnels.

Do you see how there basically isn’t any overlap there?

To put it simply.

  • Clickbank is for affiliate marketing and getting affiliates to promote for you.
  • ClickFunnels is for the setup of your offer (whether it’s yours or an affiliate deal).

And with that being said?

That is why I suggest using BOTH.

And I truly recommend that you utilize both if you’re an affiliate marketer.

  1. Find your affiliate offers to promote on Clickbank.
  2. Use ClickFunnels to produce your affiliate marketing funnels.
  3. Then you can pick your traffic source and go nuts from there on out.

Does that make good sense?


And one last thing prior to you go (in case you forgot):

Or you can click the big button down below.

So you can actually check out the procedure and go through the motions yourself.

And that’s it.

I hope this helped you out when it pertains to Clickbank vs ClickFunnels…

And I’ll put a related post down below in case you want to utilize both of them.

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