Can You Have Two OTO In ClickFunnels?

So can you have two OTO in ClickFunnels?

Great question…

And the response is YES.

In fact.

I highly recommend that you remain here and keep reading…

As here is what I’ll be going over in this deep ClickFunnels OTO post:

  • What is a OTO page in ClickFunnels?
  • How to add a OTO in ClickFunnels.
  • And of course the best response to “Can you have 2 OTO in ClickFunnels?”

Are you ready to begin?

Then let’s get started.

What Is A OTO Page In ClickFunnels?

So in case you’re not exactly sure what that is…

An OTO page is a simple name for a one time offer.

Here are the steps that typically take place within the purchasing process:

  • Consumer purchases primary offer.
  • Then they get taken to an OTO page (they decide if they buy it or not).
  • They they get sent to another OTO page or to their initial purchase.

These are also typically referred to as ClickFunnels upsell pages too.


Now onto the next area.

How To Add A OTO In ClickFunnels

Here is where we begin getting into the action part.


You will need to login to ClickFunnels.

There’s an area on top that says MEMBER LOGIN where you can login.

And if you do not have an account yet?

You can use the very same link above to get a free 2 week trial.

Next up.

We are going to go to the list of funnels that you have (or you can create one).

  1. Hover over the ClickFunnels tab at the top of the page.
  2. And then click on the highlighted Funnels drop down text.

It will look something like the picture I put down below.

Now that you can see a list of your funnels…

Just click on the funnel that you wish to include a OTO to.

So as an example for this post…

I’m going to create a random funnel called “ClickFunnels OTO Training”.

As soon as you are in your funnel where the steps are on the left?

  • Click + ADD NEW STEP.

You can see what I am talking about in the image down below.

After you do that?

It will bring up a box when you can:

  • Change the name of the funnel step.
  • Choose to show or not show in your funnel.
  • And finally the path (which is the ending of the URL).

Let me help you out with each:

  • The name of funnel step you can just call it OTO.
  • Ensure that “Show In Funnel?” is set to YES (it should be by default).
  • And path you can do something easy like oto.

Now there’s 2 crucial things we need to do.

The most crucial we will cover first.

How Does ClickFunnels OTO Work?

The steps on the left side of the page are the order in which somebody will visit them.

So you wish to make sure that your OTO is both:

  • AFTER your Order Form step and…
  • BEFORE your order verification page.

How do you do this?

Hover over the left (green) part of the OTO step until you see a drag icon.

Here is what the step appears like.

clickfunnels oto

Simply drag it so that it is after the order form step…

And so it’s also before your order confirmation page.

If you did it correctly?

Then it needs to look a little something like this:

Pretty simple right?

Now onto the other crucial element.

How To Develop A OTO In ClickFunnels

The cool part is that you don’t need to do a great deal of building up here…

Because we are going to dress up your OTO page with a template.

Here is where you can do this (utilizing the picture down listed below).

Hover over the SALES tab at the top…

And then click on One Click Upsell (OTO).

Now you can pick from a ton of OTO design templates which is quite cool.

Just choose one that you like and go with it.

So now let me attend to the question you might have come here for.

Can You Have 2 OTO In ClickFunnels?


And all you need to do is follow the steps that I outlined above.

Here are they are once again with a minor difference:

  • Click + ADD NEW ACTION.
  • Call it OTO2.
  • Ensure that the “Show In Funnel?” is relied on YES
  • Have the path name be oto2

Now finally and most notably.

  • Drag this step so that it is after the OTO step but before the order confirmation step.

If you did it correctly…

Then it should look a little something like this.

can you have two oto in clickfunnels

Pretty awesome right?

So here is how the flow of the funnel should go:

  • Person comes to sales page.
  • The individual then purchases from the order form.
  • They go to the very first OTO pages (and purchases or says no thanks).
  • Then they get moved to the OTO2 page (and purchases or says no thanks).
  • Finally they get taken to the Order Confirmation page where their downloads are.

Bear in mind.

You will need to have pages for each product you created (but am not covering that in this post).

This is primarily about the basics of a ClickFunnels OTO page…

And truly responding to the concern:

Can you have two OTO in ClickFunnels?

Which you certainly can.

ClickFunnels OTO Training Video

If you’re more of a visual person…

Then here is a terrific ClickFunnels OTO training video that will help you out even more.

(it’s a lot of what I go over in this post).

That was pretty painless right 😛

I never thought this post would go as long as it did…

But at least it answered exactly what you were looking for.

One more thing before you go.

  • If you’re planning on utilizing ClickFunnels for the long term…
  • AND you want to save a great deal of money with ClickFunnels…

Then you oughta examine the post I did about the best ClickFunnels deal.


I’ll leave you to that.


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