Can ClickFunnels Host My Site?

So there’s two popular and comparable questions about ClickFunnels I’d like to address:

  1. Can ClickFunnels host my site?
  2. Can ClickFunnels replace my website?

Let’s get right on into it.

So Can ClickFunnels Host My Site?

Yes and no.

It’s difficult to address this concern due to the fact that it is very unclear…

So instead I’m going to tell you all of what ClickFunnels can do in two scenarios:

ClickFunnels CAN:

  • Host all of your funnels and pages (if you consider that your website).
  • Utilize your own personal branded domain (I did a post about that right here).
  • You can create your very own unique blog using ClickFunnels (which they will host).
  • You can use their WordPress plugin to connect your domain and numerous funnels.

And on the other hand?

ClickFunnels can NOT:

  • Directly host your WordPress blog or site.

That’s what services like Site Ground and Bluehost are for.

That’s why this concern is a difficult one because while they do not host it directly?

There are still methods to make it work.

Onto the other associated concern.

Can ClickFunnels Replace My Website?

This is a much simpler answer.

The answer is YES…

ClickFunnels can absolutely replace your site.

In truth.

Russell Brunson did an excellent video about how you can produce funnels without websites.

Merely click the play button down below to learn more on the topic.

And if you would like a lot more proof or details when it comes to CF and websites?

Here are 2 associated posts I did that you can skim through:

And that’s almost all.

I will leave one more super-helpful link down below for you…

And it’s for a totally free 14 day ClickFunnels trial.

You know.

So you can test everything out on your own.

Or you can click the jumbo button down below to get taken to the very same page.

Can ClickFunnels Host My Site

Now that’s all…

I hope that you enjoy ClickFunnels as much as I do 🙂

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